Frozen Chocolate Chip Tart Recipe


•160 grams Henro Chocolate Chip Cookies

•40 grams butter or margarine (melted)

•300 grams milk chocolate

•50 grams butter or margarine (unmelted)

•200 ml fresh cream or heavy cream


•Add Henro biscuits to a blender & pulse until it forms crumbs (keep a tablespoon aside for the topping)

•Pour the 40 grams of melted butter or margarine to the biscuit crumbs

•Mix well & add the mixture to a casserole or springform pan (22cm)

•Spread the biscuit mix out evenly & use a pestle or a spatula to compress it into the casserole/pan to form a base

•Break the milk chocolate into a microwave safe bowl

•To the chocolate, add 50 grams of unmelted butter or margarine & the fresh cream

•Mix well & microwave for 30 second intervals, stirring after every 30 seconds until the chocolate has melted

•Pour the melted chocolate mixture over the biscuit base

•Freeze overnight or until the chocolate has hardened

•Top with chocolate chips & the tablespoon of biscuit crumbs

Slice & serve