Healthy Snack options for Lunch Box Treats

o you’re not sure what to pack in your kid’s lunch bags anymore? Here are three quick-win tips to get you going… 

Keep it simple.  

Moms and dads could get a little carried away when it comes to thinking of creative ways to get their kidletts to eat their lunches. The key is to keep the lunch box menu simple and easy to manage. Little one’s LOVE leftovers for lunch so if there’s a little Mac n Cheese left, why not pop that into their Bento Box? Better yet, cook a little extra to accommodate (dad will thank you too by the way, just pop some into his lunchbox too!). 

Control portion sizes. 

Get some zip-lock bags and portion of snack and treats into the bags. That way you’re able to spoil your little one without actually ‘spoiling’ them. If you don’t have time for packing and repacking our kids’ treats, then our Henro Minni Spinners – kids love them and they’re the perfect portion of yummy goodness. 


They say that ‘variety is the spice of life’ and the same applies to the lunch time menu. While keeping it simple is a key secret to lunch box success, keeping it the same is the quickest way to ensure unopened lunches return home. Add some diced fresh fruit and veg or spice it up with something like savory pancakes (you can get ready made ones from your local grocery store) or mini burgers. They sky is the limit, just let your palate (or more accurately, your kidlett’s palate) guide you. 


Life is really busy and time is better spent with the kids and the family than it is slaving away in the kitchen, Henro as a whole range of healthier snack options for lunchbox treats.

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