Delicious locally baked biscuits, from our home to yours

Exceptional family baked quality since 1992

Starting as a small family business back in 1992, baking biscuits for South African families has become a purpose-driven pursuit, where everything we do drives us to try harder.


Our family has grown to include those who work with us, for us and around us, in creating and perfecting over 60 varieties of biscuits. Now over 30 years later, through hard work and persistence, we have pushed ourselves and have grown into a business that distributes into Africa!

We are a family-focused business that places emphasis on Adding Value. It’s with great pride that we offer Exceptional Quality and at remarkably competitive prices. Our biscuits are not just products, they are an extension of everything we believe in.
We are Bisco Plus and every one of our biscuits is baked for your family, by our family.
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